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Suggestion for Bsnl broadband in Pune

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    Default Suggestion for Bsnl broadband in Pune

    I am shifting to Pune soon and i am going to live in Baner

    I have read many threads on different broadbands and am deciding on which broadband provider to take.

    my requirements are:
    Fast internet connection for video streaming,trading,multiplayer gaming on ps3 etc
    Low ping
    High Download limit - More than 5gb but less than 10gb per mth
    price range -0-800 (if standalone)
    0-2000(if combo)

    i found this Bsnl plan to be most appropriate
    the plan i have identified is a combo plan
    BBG Speed Combo 2799

    I know that the plan stated in bold is for 2799 but i had no better alternative
    anything for 4mbps speed with a similar plan??

    Tell me your views on my decision
    Also please suggest whether BSNL is good in Baner, Pune.

    Addl. Info
    I have used mtnl for 2 years and it was good for pc multiplayer gaming but the ping was high and lag was present
    the plan was i think DSL 599 which gave me 2mbps but i dont know the download limit
    That plan was good and i am searching for a similar plan in bsnl but with higher speed as i will be playing on the ps3 and dont want lag.

    PLease give me your suggestions
    Thank you
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