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Non professionals handling professional services?

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    Question Non professionals handling professional services?

    I have installed BSNl broadband service some 1.5+ years ago.
    We are using VOIP service. More often the internet phone can not be connected than it remains activated.
    Firstly lodging a proper complaint is very difficult.
    Complaint is often of no cosequence since the person handling it doesnot understand it at all. The main problem is that quality ( bandwidth) of internet available is either poor or very poor. Whenever it is good the phone can be activated and used.
    The wire coming from telephone pole to my router/modem may not be able to allow the internet traffic. The answer from line man is annoying that if adsl light is on and there is no data transfer than your computer is faulty.

    Is there any measuring device available with BSNL which may measure whether the quantity of signal available from telephone exchange is available to my router?
    If any one knows the answer and remedy to my problem, I express my gratitude in advance.

    Whenever every thing works well, I feel BSNL services are good. But more often My feelings are contrary to it

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    Signal strength can be seen on the modem self page available at
    User Name - admin
    pass - admin

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