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Help needed to config my IP settings

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    Unhappy Help needed to config my IP settings

    Hello, this might be a stupid question to ask but, could anyone help me get the details to configure my IP settings. Instead of 'Obtain an IP address automatically', I would rather have all the settings so that my modem doesn't have to check for one every time I switch it on. My modem is DNA-A211-1 and its an 'always ON connection'. Also could anyone help me by telling me where should I login to know my usage and stuff and it would be helpful if you could tell me how to change my login id and password to that website as I have forgotten that. The technician guy is a little bit arrogant and not helping me with this at all.


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    None of the ISP's provide static ip address, unless you request them specifically and for this you need to pay.

    All ISP's provide dynamic ip address and that is the reason why
    "Obtain the ip address automatically" is enabled by default. By enabling this, the DHCP server of your ISP can give your computer an ip address. This changes once you swich off the router.

    If this is disabled, the DHCP server cant assign you a ip address and you wont be able to connect to the internet.
    So, get the static ip, and then fiddle with the settings!

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    My modem is DNA-A211-1

    If you are using ONLY One system ( computer Desktop)
    you can enter subnet gateway
    If you have a laptop also
    Enter in lan card and in wlan card.

    Check link WA3002-g4 below.

    Current IP Check
    When connected check . This the Dynamic IP allotted by BSNl and will change every time you disconnect and connect modem.

    where should I login to know my usage and stuff
    RE Register at self care portal ( SDC NDC WDC or EDC)with your OWN Chosen ID.PW will be sent by email to you. Or report the error you get.
    Make complaint ONLINE here:
    check link "Usage" below.

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