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best possible webcam for online video chatting?

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    Question best possible webcam for online video chatting?

    hi friends, i want to buy a webcam which should be cheap as i don't have too much budget for it.. might be between 200 to 500.. please suggest me model number of it. i want good quality video, images should not shake (like in vga camera of mobile) i want images to be as sharp as they are in my nokia n79 having 5 mp camera.

    my internet connection is 7.2 mbps (its 3g and speed varies in between 3 mbps to 7 mbps, most of time 5 mbps constant.) is it ok? for video chatting?
    also suggest me some headset for same.
    mahi singh

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    You will get an i-ball for Rs.900/- maybe 8.0 megapixels or 12.0 mp

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    webcam | eBay
    make choice price band on left menu.

    Use above as a guide and try local computer markets.
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