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Splitter problem!!! Help!!!

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    Default Splitter problem!!! Help!!!

    Hi guys!

    I am new to these forum so kindly accept me as your friend.

    I have a big problem regarding my broadband connection (BSNL). and it goes like this:

    Whenever I connect my modem (DSL) with the main phone line with a rj11 cable my broadband works fine which is all the led viz: power, Inet, DSL, WAN. glows but not blink but when I try to use a splitter the DSL led blinks on and on giving me the signal that the internet is not working. Also the splitter which i use has a name ADSL. I am confused whether the difference between the ADSL splitter and the DSL modem is causing the problem. If any one of you guys knows this please shed some light and please solve my problem. I am in dire straits... I am not able to used my landline because of this problem.

    My modem model is: ITI Limited, DNA-A211-1

    I am hoping for a positive response from you guys.


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    Have you tested the connection with another working splitter? It is available in electrical shops for 40/- to 60/- price range.

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    Some ADSL splitter models LIne Port is one side and Modem/phone on other side.
    Check how you connect.
    If with ADSL splitter there is a problem connect only the modem to Splitter and test.
    Telephone can be connected later.
    If you still hear a "nagin" noise in Phone when internet is on suspect the splitter.!!

    Feedback please.
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    with bsnl no probs with the compatibility. but this was happen for faulty splitter.

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    I have BSNL broadband with 512 Kbps unlimited plan. Whenever I connect my modem (DSL) with the main phone line (Bypassing Splitter), Free Download Manages & Bit torrent downloading manager shows downloading speed varying from 100 kB/s to 150 kB/s. In this case telephone remain obviously dead. If I use splitter to make telephone & modem live, both works well, but the downloading speed reduces to 40 kB/s to 50 kB/s as per FDM & Bit Torrent. I changed splitter and Telephone Modem Line Cable to solve the problem but no use.
    So, kindly advise what to do for better downloading speed and my telephone live.

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