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Bsnl broadband usage

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    Default Bsnl broadband usage

    I have seen a lot of members and guests use the contact us form and send me questions like how much is their bsnl broadband usage for the month and some occasional requests for changing the password and so on.. I am amazed at how many people think that this is the official bsnl broadband website when we are just a forum to help each other with technical problems we face while using the internet and a few other issues.

    This thread is going to have a lot of views as I have spent more then two hours researching how to get all that stupid traffic onto this thread so that they know they shouldn't be using the contact us form if they want to check their usage.

    Final word : Please go to bsnl broadband's official website to find out your usage and use the id and password provided to you and check your bsnl broadband usage there.


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    I see such kind of things in most of the indian blogs/forums. people are totally clueless , even if you tell them a 1000 times !!

    another thing is that they are used to thinking that "sirrrrr" and "plzzzzz" can achieve anythings. Just freaks me to read those comments !

    Something similar happened to me. A member got angry when I asked him to check with BSNL regarding his email ID. He wants us to give it to him. He must be still angry with me about that.

    :lol: Thats too much to ask

    I am waiting for Sujith's cartoon

    That's the price you pay for your selflessness.:6:
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    People are mistaking this site as an official site.

    Admin, in the "Contact Us" may be you should put a disclaimer or something - like a popup window or something - if possible.
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