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Help regarding broadband internet speed?

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    Default Help regarding broadband internet speed?

    i have a BSNL broadband combo 500 plan internet connection. it says it is gives upto 2 Mbps internet speed.
    when i go to a internet speed testing website and check the speed, it says i have a download speed of 1.73 mb/s.

    now, my actual problem is when i download something, such as a file , my download speed is only 185 KB/s or maximum upto 200 KB/s . why is this ? am I supposed to get this much download speed only ? why cant i get atleats 1 MB/s download speed ?
    please help.

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    Your question itself contains answer.

    kbps=Kilo bit per sec
    KBps=Kilo Byte per sec

    mbps=Mega Bit per sec
    MBps=Mega Byte per sec

    8kb=1KB & 8mb=1MB

    so your speed of 1.73mbps is ok, there is no problem in it.

    Now your download speed is 200KBps which is equal to 1.6mbps which is also ok.

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    Many People get confused with this...

    2 mbps is the bandwidth which means you can get download speed upto 256 KBPS (1mbps=128 KBPS)

    So Whatever you are getting is more or less fine.

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    Your plan says that you can get upto 2 Mbps. It is not stating that you will get 2 Mbps. It means your speed can reach 2 Mbps but not necessarily. What speed you are getting, looks good.

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    Default check your speed

    Dear friend!

    When downloading it is typical that depends on nature of content or the amount of it, your downloading speed may vary. We cannot assert the specific donwloading speed though it is assured. First, determine your standard (actual) internet speed. To do this, you may go to
    There you find what your are actually getting in Mbps, It is a free service.

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    i'm also on the 500C plan , but i normally get around 230 KB/s *satisfied*
    and for torrrents it's about 190-197 KB/s *not good*
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