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BSNL speeds raised from 256 Kbps to 512 Kbps for ULD 499 and ULD 625 or spinoff?

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    Default BSNL speeds raised from 256 Kbps to 512 Kbps for ULD 499 and ULD 625 or spinoff?

    Hi all,
    I came across this yesterday on Zee News

    'BSNL hikes minimum broadband download speed to 512 Kbps'

    Is this a spinoff on the February stuff they did or something new, does anybody know ?

    Looking forward to know from people as to what they think ?

    I had read some statements from Mr. Sibal regarding broadband improvements but was he generalizing or there's some actual policy in works (no idea)

    Also wasn't there going to be a broadband policy which was going to shift things radically, can't find about that either.

    If anybody knows any better looking for understanding.

    Sorry can't post the link as less than 50 posts.

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    But all the Unlimited comes with FUP.

    .:Unlimited Home Only:.

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    The part about increasing the speeds are true. I'm getting 1Mbps (~120 KB/s DL speed) for the first 6 GB. But as of writing this post, I'm getting speeds of 1.5Mbps (as per speedtest) with DL speeds >120 KB/s. I'm assuming this the total usage is taken into account (DL & UL) when considering the first 6 GB (mine's already past 9 GB this month DL: 5 GB & UL: 4 GB).

    Is anyone else getting the same?

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