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Not geting required speed and frequent disconnection

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    Default Not geting required speed and frequent disconnection

    I am using bsnl broadband lanline connection in Noida Sec-82 (Vivek Vihar) from the last 3 months and currently using Rs 900 per month plan. As per the plan, user will get 2MB speed till 15GB data download but I have not got more 900kbs speed from the day of connection. Also the service got disconnected generally in weekends(Saturday and Sunday). Also the customer care is totally frustrating. Whenever I call to cutomer care, no one picks the phone and the call remain in waiting mode. I don't know where I have to write or speak my problem. Can anyone share the mail id or any link where the offical or any concerned person from bsnl can take direct action on consumer complaint.

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    You should go to the nearest exchange or the exchange from where you have taken the broadband connection and talk to a higher official, like the Divisional Engineer. That will solve the problem, they are NOT as heartless as projected in the media. Only you have to be polite.
    In Mysore, Karnataka, where I reside, plan 900 means I get 4 mpbs till 8 GB and afterwards 512 kpbs till the end of the month.
    Regards and best of luck.

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    Switch fro ADSL+ .... or2+ .. to g,tmt.... it will increase modem outpud power .. so it eill never get disconnects .. i have also same problem ,, i am a distant costmer ,, around 5km from exchange ... so just log in to modem and uncheck ADSL and ADSL2 .. after it will work fine

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