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Confused with Plan change and Speed. Please Help!!

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    Default Confused with Plan change and Speed. Please Help!!

    I recently changed my BSNL broadband plan from BBG FN Combo 600 to a rural plan 500 ( unlimited,512kbps,150 free calls ).
    I went to bsnlportal and checked whether it has changed. It shows :
    Order Activity -- Plan Change
    Plan name --BBG FN Combo 600 [this is the previous plan i suppose ]
    Order status -- Provisioned
    I know provisioned means changed. But it does not show any details of my NEW PLAN! . nothing.. just the word provisioned near my old plan..

    I am in a serious problem.. The staff at the BSNL center said this rural plan has 512kbps speed throughout.. but.. i feel otherwise.. when this month began, i had download speeds of 50-70kb.. but now it is only 20-30 kb..
    Speedtest also shows a decline in speeds from 0.51mpbs to 0.23 mbps. So does my new rural plan have 512kbps speed the whole month ??????
    If i could get the name of my new plan i could have googled the speeds.. but i do not know the name as it is not present in bsnl order history..

    I started doubting because i saw this:
    h t t p : / / i n d i a f a s c i n a t e s . c o m / b s n l / b s n l - b r o a d b a n d - r u r a l - p l a n s/
    [sorry..cannot post links yet.. pls remove spaces ]
    it only says about BB Home Rural Combo ULD 500 that costs 500rs.. and its speed decrease after 6 gb ..

    So does this mean this is my new plan ? I stated all these to the bsnl official . But she keeps saying my new plan has 512 kbps through the whole month..

    If she was right, i would have got better speeds right ?

    I do not know what to do! please help guys...

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    U wrote that u changed ur plan to BB Home Rural Combo ULD u know ULD means Unlimited Download With Differential Speed.....this means your speed will decrease after the data capped by bsnl is used......and always don't go for BSNL Officers coz they don't know the spelling of BROADBAND.

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