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does this work or not ?

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    Question does this work or not ?

    Well, I heard of this trick of keeping modem on the entire time to bypass FUP and also heard that it doesn't work. But they before yesterday I started download of several files amounting to 29gb and kept on downloading. As expected, the ip adress was renewed yesterday at 6:03. But the download was constant at around 401 -412 KBps. I thought this was plain luck and kept on downloading. But to my surprise the same happened today as well. So I was wondering if this trick actually works or is this plain luck (again??)

    I have an old huawei wa1003a modem if that helps...

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    Question come on!

    I'm still getting the same speed. Is this a fault by bsnl or some thing like what uld 750 guys are reporting. Need your replies.....

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    The FUP is set on the server side. It does not matter whether you set the modem on or off. If you are experiencing something out of the ordinary, then probably your speed profile is messed up - again that is on the server side.

    Enjoy the speeds until it lasts. Sooner or later someone will realize the mess up in your profile and fix it.

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