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BSNL Giving me Bigtime problem of disconnection

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    Angry BSNL Giving me Bigtime problem of disconnection

    my modem logs are
    1/1/2000 0:43:7> SNMP TRAP 3: link up
    1/1/2000 0:43:7> Accept() fail
    1/1/2000 0:43:7> Accept() fail
    1/1/2000 0:52:42> SNMP TRAP 2: link down
    1/1/2000 0:52:42> MPOA Link Down
    1/1/2000 0:52:42> mpoaChannDown: ch<2> null iface
    1/1/2000 0:52:42> netMakeChannDial: err=-3001 rn_p=80640038
    1/1/2000 0:53:17> Last errorlog repeat 138 Times
    1/1/2000 0:53:17> MPOA Link Up
    1/1/2000 0:53:22> ppp_ready: ch:80693da8, iface:805c9c90
    1/1/2000 0:53:22> SNMP TRAP 3: link up
    1/1/2000 0:53:22> Accept() fail
    1/1/2000 0:53:22> Accept() fail

    its keeps on dissconnecting every 5 mints

    and this are my
    Downstream Upstream
    SNR Margin
    38.7 25.5 db
    Line Attenuation
    33.0 15.0 db
    Data Rate
    2048 510 kbps
    Max Rate
    21372 50424 kbps
    0 0

    plss help me and tell me what shud i do i have been facing this problem from last 30 days

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    I have same problem from last 6 months. Iím pissed of by trying to dos shows on internet and all.

    Iím having adsl went and cone problem and error log is Same as shown above post.

    Plz help me in this. I want to know Whos and where fault is actually.


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    Please go to the exchange and consult the officer incharge of complaints. The problem may be in some kind of router attack, line fault etc. Proper configuration at the exchange near you would give you the solution . I had worst problem of disconnecting of dsl. If there is problem in the line from exchange, if there is cut in the cable , if there is loose contact in the splitter or connector , if there is some problem in connection to your post (connection line between your's and exchange), this may occur. Please tell about snr and line attenuation to the officer. You can expect yoru probem solved immediately. The faults are attended on priority basis as far as i know from the sms that you receive in respective of complaints registered. You get sms on registration, allotment of person attending and the resolution all in sms . If you approach the exchange, there are officers especially helping.

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