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TL-WR740N router configuration for BSNL Wimax

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    Default TL-WR740N router configuration for BSNL Wimax

    Hello there:

    I was wondering if anyone has been able to successfully connect TL-WR740N router to BSNL's wimax. I purchased the router after setting up BSNL wimax at home. I have tried the following without any success:

    -- In the router configuration, set up the WAN connection type to PPoE and supplied the user-id/pwd (with dynamic ip option). It could get the ip from the wimax equipment, but could not connect to wimax server!

    Is there any other way to do it? Could someone please share their experience setting up this router with BSNL wimax?

    Thanks a lot.


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    what is that winmax? is it same as bsnl broadband and u've got user id & password which can be connected via Dial-up connection..!!

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    I dont know much about how Bsnl's wimax works but if it is anything like Tata's wimax or Reliance's wimax then you will need to enter the settings you have been provided by Bsnl into your router and you will need to login using the browser or the client if they have provided one but this auto dial thing wont work as far as I know.

    There is another issue that some times your modem would take a long time before it gets an IP assigned if its dynamic so give it some time.

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