Dear all, I have taken a 499 plan. I am not getting a constant speed. According to bsnl site, i am supposed to get 512kbps upto 4gb. I used to get a constant speed range of 56~67kBps uptil 4gb. But since last few months i am getting 20~50kBps.i.e. speed is not constant as most often it is <35kBps. I have used TCP optimizer and set the speed setting to 512kbps and selected the optimal setting option. I am not using google/open dns ,as there are articles about why it is a bad idea to do so. My SNR values are

SNR (Downstream) 20.0 dB
SNR (Upstream) 27.0 dB
Line Attentuation(Downstream) 28.0 dB
Line Attentuation(Upstream) 12.0 dB

I don't have any virus.

Kindly help.