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BSNL Speed Test

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    Default BSNL Speed Test is a site wherein you can check the speed of your internet connection precisely. Your connection may be broadband/cable connection/DSL. Though it is an unofficial site, it has become popular among the users of BSNL services.
    Internet speed test
    In this internet speed test, you will know the rates of quickest download burst while you are doing the internet speed test from your place to the place where the test server is located. As IP/TCP becomes weak with distance you have to select the server which is nearest to you at the time of performing internet speed test. The results of the test seem to differ at different times during the day because of congestion in the network. For getting good results you have to test at intervals during the day. You can ascertain any problems with your broadband link. When you are surfing your favorite website and feel that it has become slow, you can find out whether the link or the server to the website is slow. You can compare the previous results and confirm the speed of your broadband. The following table gives you details about residential and business type connections.

    BUSINESS 5.5 Mbps – 10.5 Mbps 2.0 Mbps – 5.5 Mbps 1.5 Mbps – 2.0 Mbps
    RESIDENTIAL 5.5 Mbps – 10.5 Mbps 2.0 Mbps – 5.5 Mbps 1.5 Mbps – 2.0 Mbps
    The speed test on the site gives the details of the downloadable time from the server.

    Want to improve the speed of your internet?
    Whatever the type of connection may be, it may be your office work or casual work at home, you should have a stable and fast internet connection to do your tasks. Many times slow speed of the internet irritates you. It is quite a common problem with any connection. To optimize your performance, you have to look for ways to improve the efficiency of your internet connection.
    To ensure stable connection of your internet you have to check the router and modem cables:
    Loose cables hanging from the DSL modem or cable to your computer or wireless router will have negative impact on the speed of the internet. You have to clean the connections at regular intervals to ensure right ventilation for all the electric components so that they are over heated. You have to replace worn out cables immediately and buy only those cables specifically meant for the purpose.

    Keep checking your internet speed
    You can check the speed of your internet through several online sites which offer to test freely. It will take only few seconds to conduct the test and know the speed of your connection. Before upgrading or modifying your current connection, you have to check the speed of the internet. In this way you can know the difference in the speed before and after the change.

    When you do not use internet, turn it off
    Nowadays several devices like cell phones, iPods, printers, gaming systems, MP3s and televisions as well come with internet compatability. If these devices are functioning, without your knowledge they may be utilizing the band width from the internet connection. You have to switch off the power to make sure that you are using the bandwidth only for your computer and other known devices.

    Delete unused and unnecessary programs that run on your computer
    You can use the remove or add programs feature available on the control panel to delete unnecessary programs.

    Request your service provider to increase the speed of the internet
    You can think of upgrading the service if you feel that the speed is not sufficient to your requirements. You can ask for a trail service and then decide to increase the band width of the internet connection.
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    Thats not owned by BSNL but Welcome to BROADBAND NOC UTILITY PORTAL:5 Intranet is.
    Anyone from Kerala,India? Pm me

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