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    Default Should I Change from Bsnl to another Isp?


    I live in kochi,kerala. And i love to play online fps games,but the problem is PING. The pings get really bad during prime hours due to network congestion. Sometimes it goes as low as 204ms and then suddenly shoots up to 408ms!

    I don't have much options in kerala,namely Airtel,Asianet(Local Isp) and Bsnl. I'm currently using Bsnl ULD 900 plan which gives 4mbps upto 8gb and 512kbps after that. Is there any plan/isp to which i can upgrade to which would give a noticeable difference in pings to US/EU servers? Or even a stable acceptable ping will do...


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    Having ping problems here too. It's a real pain the ass. I play mostly PC games now. This was a HUGE problem when I was gaming on Xbox Live.

    That is why I have decided to switch to a local fiber option which should hopefully be available by December. My current ping test to Mumbai on speedtest.net gives me between 200-300ms. On the fiber I tested at my friends place to the same server yields around 40ms.

    What I advise you to do is test out different ISP's whilst still keeping your BSNL connection active. BSNL is retardedly slow when it comes to ping or current age tariff's but they are probably the most consistent and lesser evil of the rest of the major ISP's in the country.

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    Airtel may give better pings. Not sure about Asianet.

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    after 8gb at 512kbps net is stable and i get 160 ping . I am from Kochi too
    Anyone from Kerala,India? Pm me

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rahül Ks View Post
    after 8gb at 512kbps net is stable and i get 160 ping . I am from Kochi too
    Which ISP are you referring to ?

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    BSNL,i am from Kochi too and i have BSNL and same plan at 900 INR, i get low ping at 512 kbps, at 4 mbps its very unstable ,speed variy too much
    Anyone from Kerala,India? Pm me

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