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ULD750 help on - connection , billing and speed

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    Default ULD750 help on - connection , billing and speed

    Hi , I am new here..
    I have decided to change my slow dial up mobile internet into BSNL broadband...
    I am getting a speed of 35KBps through mobile EDGE connection.

    I don't have BSNL land line connection here , so I have to get a land line phone too ?

    My doubts are ..
    What are the differences between
    "BB HOME ULD750" and "BB HOME COMBO ULD750"

    I will be charged RS 750/month for internet , OK I got it .. But what about the phone charges? I will not make any outgoing calls from it..
    I have to pay rent for phone too ?

    What will be the real speed 512 KBps (Kilo Bytes) or 512 kbps (Kilo bits) ?

    I have the freedom to download and upload without limitations r8 ?

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    With Combo ULD 750, u won't have to pay any phone rental, as the case with other one.
    The speed is 1Mbps ( Download speed around 128KBps) upto 6GB threafter the speed will drop to half i.e. 512kbps (download speed around 64KBps)
    Ya, its truly unlimited.(no Fair Usage Policy)
    For details, Check this Official BSNL weblink :
    Broadband Combo Plan

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    Thanks for the reply ramitzar , that was helpful.

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