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    Default Devil stand on BSNL HEAD

    I am using BSNL 750UL plan last few years. Now i face a different kind of problem. Most of the day evening after 9 PM to 2 AM i am not able to open EXCEPT google page and facebook. Remaining all not open even the desktop temperature also not changing during this period. In Yahoo messenger , gtalk not connecting only skype working. What's wrong with BSNL??

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    Same problem here tooo some websites i cant connect to..like google.com works but this website dosent work etc stuffs like that happen now a days...
    Anyone from Kerala,India? Pm me

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    i don't have any such types of problems may be your internet connection is very slow and you can re install your browser

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    Yes, this is true. Even I'm facing this issue. Something wrong with BSNL guys.

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