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Ping Problems From Past 3 days

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    Default Ping Problems From Past 3 days

    Hello Guyz I play counter Strike 1.6 on steam i usually get 30-90 ping max.

    but from past 3 days my ping is 200-360 .

    is there someone else also facing the same problem or is that for me only?

    and also 1 question.

    i have Zxdsl 831All modem and there admin password not working which is admin admin i want to know if i hit that mini reset button will it reset pasword to admin admin and it will not destroy any bsnl settings? or i will have to go to exchange and reconfiguer the modem.


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    counter Strike servers hosted in india are not hosted with 1 gbps uplink etc...below 100 mbps...sometimes they do it in their own PC's...Few rent servers.someyears back i used to play CS and some times i get 30 ping and at another time i get near 200....
    Anyone from Kerala,India? Pm me

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