Main Problem - I have a ALL IN ONE PC, LAPTOP and 1 mobile. All are connected via wifi. ALL detects WIFI, my SSID, accept passwords, obtains IP and says connected. PC and laptop also gets internet access. But in mobile - wifi detected password accepted but cannot do anything relate to internet. Shows no access, In Google playstore it keeps loading loading and loading and in end says no access. Cannot sync gmail , google talk . Cant FB.

In Short in Mobile cannot access internet even though wifi is connected and gives xcellent signal.
It worked when I brought the mobile, it worked for a month and all of a sudden without changing any settings it

has stopped almost for last 15 days.

I thought it was something with my mobile - I took my mobile to friends and relatives place and also to mobile

shop..everywhere without changing any setting in mobile it connects with their wifi, also get internet access

and can do everything.

I called BSNL Support, they sent someone after 4 days and he also could not solve it. He said router must be damaged so get a new one.
Could it be Router problem?
But then if router problem then my laptop and pc also would not have got internet access.

I tried my friends mobile with my wifi and same problem detect wifi accepts password but no internet access in

his mobile too..

I hope someone can help me.

I am having bsnl broadband connection, HUAWEI modem with LINKSYS BEFW11S4 router.

Things I tried (from what other mentioned in forums thread)

a. I did forget network and again on detetcing and accepting password it does not connect.

b. I tried to forget and manually add SSID and password - still did not work

c. I tried modifying network and gave static ip bot with within dhcp range and out of dhcp range but did not


d. at I checked everything and changed dhcp range but still does not work.

e. I have WEP security. If I changed to WAP - it does not work in pc and laptop also.

Heres my ipconfig /all (for your perusal)