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    Default BSNL BILL Problem

    hello ,

    guys i changed my broadband plan from ULD 625 to ULD 900 through udaan service at around 15th Feb.

    Now i was just seeing my Feb BILL online( From 1st feb to 28th feb ) and they have listed the following :
    Recurring charges : 753rs (which is ok as 50% of 625rs + 50% of 900rs is around 750rs)
    But on top in the ADJUSTMENTS section they have included 900Rs.

    My query is why have they again included the broadband charges ??


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    just received the bill , 900rs has been charged for broadband security charges .

    why have they charged security deposit when i am already using broadband for over 2 years ?? is this general routine or there is any discrepancy in my bill ??

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    Security deposit should be 900-625=275. This is because you would have been charged Rs625 2 yrs ago when you took the 625 plan. Meet the SDO of your local exchange to get it rectified.

    BTW no more free calls in your plan wef 1-1-2013. Check this link

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