Hi there! I got a BSNL BB Home Combo ULD 800 plan and a Dílink DSL 2730U Wi-Fi modem. The speed is good and Iím very much satisfied. But, for past 2-3 days Iím facing a weird problem with my internet connection. Some sites like facebook, softpedia take forever to load, while certain sites like Youtube, Twitter opens normally simultaneously. I googled the cause and did some tweaks with MTU settings but to no avail. Iíve set GOOGLEís DNS servers ( and as default DNS, changed it to OPEN DNSís and BSNLís default oneís but still facing the same problem. It has happened before once but the problem sorted out automatically. Now, itís bugging me for past 3-4 days. Any suggestion?

Iím posting my current SNR margin and Attenuation readings, if required. Thanks.

Image 1.jpg