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Bsnl broarband blocked youtube urls ?

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    Default Bsnl broarband blocked youtube urls ?

    i cant access youtube urls on my pc or my laptop , even on phone--everything else works fine

    youtube dot com works but when i click of any video - it just doesn't open

    i use bsnl Isp( VISAKHAPATNAM) --is anyone else having similar problem ?

    looks like they have blocked it ... any ideas on what to do next ?

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    Happening to me every now and then. I found a workaround. For some reason, if I have Steam or utorrent running, the problem will resolve. Might work with other kinds of applications too.

    What I do is, launch utorrent, as soon as it connects to at least 1 peer, I shut it down. Pain in the ass.. but no idea how else to resolve this.

    I'm from Bangalore btw.

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    I am from chennai and also facing this same problem youtube homepage is loading but the video links are not loading, not able to watch streamed videos, i thought something wrong with flash, but all other flash content sites, are working properly. Atube catcher which downloads videos from youtube is working fine, so guess something is wrong with the streaming. I am not able to view browse videos in youtube but if i know a link i can download in atube catcher. Hope issue gets resolved.

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