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Do the public DNS services(openDNS or Google) really help a lot?

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    Default Do the public DNS services(openDNS or Google) really help a lot?

    I've just found this thing and feeling confused.
    My BSNL's integrated dns servers ping time is just 35 ms. But when it comes to opendns the ping time increases up to 328 ms! And for google( it is about 154 ms. So obviously it takes much less time to reach the BSNL dns servers than the Opendns or google ones. Then still should I choose opendns or google over BSNL dns where its obvious that BSNL is faster? Ignore the advantage of frequent refreshment of those public server's caches as my default dns server hasn't failed yet to resolve any of my queries. I want to know more about this. Please enlighten...

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    Default Understanding DNS benchmarks and parameters affecting it

    There are a variety of parameters on which the performance of DNS depends and the experience may vary from person-to-person.Here I will elucidate in brief some of the significant parameters : -
    1.Number of Hops to the DNS server : It defines the no. of routing hops from your PC to DNS server. It determines the time taken by the data packet to travel from your PC to DNS server or back.
    I just took screenshots of data packet route to Google public DNS ( and my ISP DNS ( no. of hops to ISP DNS are less since it's located optimally within the ISP network whereas to query any public DNS server the data packet has to leave the ISP network which explains why ping time with Google DNS or OpenDNS are more than with your ISP's DNS.

    2. Health of DNS server or traffic handled by it : It is largely determined by its uptime, how fast and how many queries per unit time it can process and how many of them give successful outcomes.

    3. DNS cache : With better caching of the DNS database public DNS may perform better in terms of faster resolution of queries thereby resulting in lower processing time.

    4. Geolocation : Your location also determines whether Public DNS servers will work better.Suppose the nearest Google public DNS server is in Singapore, then a person in Singapore is mostly likely to have better pings to it than one in India.

    5. Traffic shaping : Some DNS servers shape traffic that varies and depends on the time of the day or type of queries.For example I have seen DNS of some companies blocking or negatively shaping traffic to domains of rival companies.

    All these parameters and some advanced ones are used in various DNS benchmarking tools like Namebench with the help of which one may determine the best suited DNS servers for use.
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    DNS in hindi is jo aapko rasta bata hai. So basically someone who tells you where to go in simple words. If this guy who tells you the way is located furthur away from you then you travel that much and if your DNS (the guy who tells you where to go) is located near by then you travel that much less right. It is like an information booth. Now once you get to this information booth if he knows already the address you are asking for (already knows means cached) then he would be that much quicker to tell you the route and route/way here is the IP address where the server is located and thats where you fetch the data that your browser loads.

    So if the guy who tells you the way is slow in telling you where to go then it delays you that much more in your pursuit to get to the webserver you are looking for.

    I have noticed that Google's DNS performs very well for me.

    A very big misconception about DNS is that it would make your download speed faster or slower. Well it will not. It just tell you where the file is and rest is between you and the server and DNS has no role to play while you download a file or even a video stream. Some guys come to me asking for best DNS settings to speed up torrents... It does not matter.
    Else we cannot make out the difference between 10ms and 20ms
    Having a faster DNS or a slower DNS end of the day you cannot really notice with human eyes. May be some times if a BSNL DNS server is over loaded or is under attack We cannot really make out the difference between 10ms and 20ms Can you?
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    Count me in because I used to think until recently that a faster DNS would make my download speed better. I only found out about two years ago that it does not. Both of you have provided very informative posts here. Thanks Ramitzar and Admin.

    Thanks added to both of you.

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