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How to troubleshoot Broadband connection configured to modem Huawei WA1003A Wi-Fi

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    Question How to troubleshoot Broadband connection configured to modem Huawei WA1003A Wi-Fi

    Dear All,

    I am from Chennai. I have been experiencing Broadband connection problem for the past 6 months, and inspite of writing many emails to the Chennai BSNL authority the problem has not yet been resolved, hence, registered to this site to get some help on the problem I am facing.

    Problem description:-

    I modem Huawei WA1003A Wi-Fi is configured by a BSNL personnel at the time of installation but from the same day the problem started.
    When I Laptop gets started then modem works fine as all the indicators glow green and I could open the websites, but after few minutes of browsing I cannot open any new websites or the existing one gets disconnected, still the modem apparently looks connected with all the indicators glowing but in reality there is no connectivity. On the other my Outlook Express which is linked to works fine all the time even when I cannot browse.

    This happens daily and everytime I browse. The BSNL personnel attended me many times but couldn't figure out the root of the issue.

    My existing configuration

    Internet Protocol(TCP/IP) -
    IP address, subnet mask, Default gatway, Preferred DNS and Alternate DNS as -----I don't remember and at present I am in office but not (as mentioned in the manual in

    DHCP Configuration

    In this menu the Server is ON and there is a Start IP and End IP with Lease field populated as 72.

    Setup (connection setup PPPoE)
    Name - PVC0; Type - PPPoE
    Username and password is populated
    Idle timeout is 60 sec
    MTU is around 1500 bytes

    On Demand and Set Route, both are checked.

    Hope this helps you to identify the cause.


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    Hi u need to change the DHCP server id.. Its route of all cause to your problem..A DNS server cannot be same as your default gateway..

    Moreover if u find ur DNS server id is not then try to check browsing either connecting ur modem wit system using USB or Ethernet interface. If you find it steady browsing then your wireless access is not configured properly..
    Review post and let m know it.. i can help you further then...

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