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BSNL Broadband Wireless + Sharing

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    Default BSNL Broadband Wireless + Sharing

    Hello all

    Current Scenario:

    I have BSNL broadband and PRONET PN-ADSL 101E/U ADSL Router.

    In the LAN settings of my PC, I give private IP address and DNS address manually. For example, IP address And to connect to the internet, I have created a broadband connection where I give my username and password.

    Following is the screenshot of WAN settings of PRONET PN-ADSL 101E/U ADSL Router.

    All this works fine for one PC.

    Required Scenario - Help needed here:

    Now I have a laptop as well. I intend to create wireless network so that I can connect both my PC as well as Laptop to internet at the same time. I realise that the current ADSL router that I have is not a Wireless one. So I intend to buy a wireless adsl router (modem + router).

    So how to proceed with this? Lets say I buy a ADSL modem + router.

    1. What should be the IP settings now? Till now I use to give static IP as described above.

    2. What should be the configuration to be done in the wireless router?

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    Follow the link by 'Mehernaresh'. you have to set up your Internet connection to PPPOE, always on by accessing your modem and then connect all other devices by WiFi to the modem.

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