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BSNL Email Service

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    Default BSNL Email Service

    BSNL now have their new email service for their users. The email service from BSNL is much better than the previous service which only provided 50MB storage.

    The new email service allows the BSNL users to not only send emails but also SMS, fax, bulk emails and instant messages from one email account.

    Features of the new email service is as follows:

    • A one time password which is valid for a duration of 30 minutes, which can be used instead of your regular password.
    • Image compression which allows images to be compressed without the use of using any software.
    • Bulk email service for businesses.

    The new BSNL email service has gone live as of from today.

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    It is still no good as compared to what Google mail has to offer. Google is cheaper and has the best spam protection ever. BSNL needs to work a lot more.

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