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Low Speed with BSNL Home Combo ULD 999

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    Default Low Speed with BSNL Home Combo ULD 999

    I recently changed my plan to Home Combo ULD 999 with 8 Mbps FUP 60 GB then 2 Mbps. The plan was activated yesterday. Upon testing it with, I get about 3.5 Mbps down, 0.35 Mbps up. The actual download speed is approx 470 Kbps so about 3.7 Mbps. I've tried attaching the line cable directly to the modem which doesn't change anything. I've attached the stats from Modem page.

    Is there any fault in the stats ?
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    Your line quality is not the best I have seen. Give customer service a call and ask them to check your line quality and they would send the lineman to check your local box for bad joints or any other problems that there may be.

    Please read Just4kix's thread about SNR margin and line attenuation to get an idea of where your line quality stats stand.

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