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Modem restarting itself

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    Post Modem restarting itself

    Hi i have bsnl broadband connection price 1000 i dont remember the plan name
    my modem/router keeps resetting it is the one that bsnl provides WA3002G4. earlier it used to be just for like 3 times - 6times a day now once it starts it keeps on restarting for a long time. and BTW i m also using IPTV if that makes any difference. I called the bsnl tech he told me that it was due to the modem without even checking anything now please help me below i have posted my modem stats. and if modem is the problem please suggest one which would last below i have mentioned a list if u have some other in mind do tell
    THANKS in advance
    D-Link DSL-2750U Wireless N ADSL2 4-Port Wi-Fi Router

    TP-LINK TD-W8968 300 Mbps Wireless N USB ADSL2 Modem Router

    TP-LINK TD-W8961ND 300Mbps ADSL2+ Wireless with ModemRouter

    Statistics -- ADSL

    Mode: ADSL2+
    Line Coding: Trellis On
    Status: No Defect
    Link Power State: L0

    Downstream Upstream
    SNR Margin (dB): 33.3 16.5
    Attenuation (dB): 11.5 5.3
    Output Power (dBm): 12.3 16.5
    Attainable Rate (Kbps): 24687 1221
    Rate (Kbps): 5999 839
    MSGc (number of bytes in overhead channel message): 65 11
    B (number of bytes in Mux Data Frame): 78 94
    M (number of Mux Data Frames in FEC Data Frame): 1 1
    T (Mux Data Frames over sync bytes): 2 1
    R (number of check bytes in FEC Data Frame): 16 16
    S (ratio of FEC over PMD Data Frame length): 0.4529 3.8777
    L (number of bits in PMD Data Frame): 1678 229
    D (interleaver depth): 64 8
    Delay (msec): 7 7

    Super Frames: 80720 81070
    Super Frame Errors: 0 58104
    RS Words: 11462276 1337335
    RS Correctable Errors: 0 2392384
    RS Uncorrectable Errors: 0 N/A

    HEC Errors: 0 301849
    OCD Errors: 0 0
    LCD Errors: 0 0
    Total Cells: 18358039 96750465
    Data Cells: 702544 447846170
    Bit Errors: 0 27930509

    Total ES: 0 6583591
    Total SES: 0 6570166
    Total UAS: 21 6565627
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    Your line stats look good to me and it seems you are fairly close to the exchange. Buying a new modem and later finding out that its not the modem which is faulty is no good in my opinion. I guess it would be better if you could borrow a modem from some one just to check. I dont think it is a faulty modem but there is a possibility that something heats up after a while and triggers a shut down but in that case the subsequent shut downs would happen more frequently. Have you noticed if this restart happens when you receive a phone call?
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    phone call dosent restarts the modem atleast not enough to notice it did earlier when the modem restarted like 3-4 times a day it was rectified later problem in wiring..!
    but using my IPTV(it is like tata sky just instead of dish it is connected through modem/router(in case u dont know what it is most dont)) this triggers the restart always and then its like u have to manually reset the modem, it works for 5 min and then again restarts happen and they dont stop until u manually restart it. yesterday i RESETED my modem and it has been working fine til now just 3-5 restarts but i haven't used the IPTV which is the main cause. i will check it tomorrow and post it
    and one more thing when this thing started it happened only in the morning like 9 am - 1pm, it ran almost smoothly for rest of the day with just 3-4 restarts and that to not continou

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    Do not get the Dlink model if you have to then get TP Link W8968 as it is a much better modem with auto switch over to whichever connection is working when one goes down. This feature could come in handy in future should you decide to use a USB modem one day.

    Unless it is using FTTH the ideal of IPTV has been a super flop. MTNL has already stopped providing this service. Does it work out to be any cheaper then DTH?

    For your restart issue you could go to your local shops and ask them to lend you a modem for a day to check if it is your modem that is faulty if you cannot find a friend who you can borrow from.
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    As the router is provided by BSNL you should complain to them, they would check the problem and if need be replace the router.

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