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DHCP Issue With Bsnl Broadband

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    Default DHCP Issue With Bsnl Broadband

    guys i am using bsnl broadband i have a strange issue if you can help me guys then i will be more than happy
    i use it to play games. i play League of legends on Europe West Servers.
    well i have DigiSOL BG 4100 adsl modem and Intex WR 308 Wifi Router.. the ip i assigned to my Digisol Modem is and my router's ip is
    since both are wireless connection but my ADSL modem is at ground away from my pc so i use my intex router to get signals from digisol one and intex is connected to my pc via lan..
    i have attached a screenshot as i connected it in DHCP mode.. and there is Release and refresh button ... early what happened was when i clicked on release i got a random ip other than the Digisol router that is as my ip address and as the gateway and dns was and i used to get 170 Ping in Europe west Servers with no lag at all and while with ip i got horrible 260 ping almost 100ms ping diffrerence (unplayable) but when my modem restarts or i click on release button my ip revert back to and i was able to open my adsl modem page but with 10xxxxx ip i wasnt able to use it... also i have 2mbps internet with the ip i got full speed and with the 10xx ip i got half speed but pings were super stable... i was happy about it when i wanted to download i click release to get default ip and download with 2 mbps and while playing switched to 10xx ip to get low pings and play game.. but since last few 3 days every time i release my 10xx ip never comes i tried resetting both modems and other stuff but i am not able to get that gorgeous 10xx ip and i am not able to play my games. i know its super strange problem but any bro with idea on this issue can help me i would be so grateful thank you guys in advance hope i get my issue resolved..
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    Setup a static ip for your PC on your router. Google for the instructions.

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