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Parallel Connection Not Working and Unstable DSL

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    Default Parallel Connection Not Working and Unstable DSL

    Dear Friends,

    We live in a flat and the BSNL Connection main line is connected to the flat terminal near the meter box. From the terminal the internal wiring starts which is installed by the builder and branches out to two connections one in bedroom and another in living room. The internal wiring of builder did not work well in other flats but by luck it worked flawlessly in our flat. The BSNL lineman connected his line to the terminal of builder downstairs and from there it reached our flat in first floor through the concealed internal wiring to Bedroom and Living Room.
    Now bedroom point is connected to normal telephone, which is only used in case of power failure, as cordless doesnt ring during power failure. Now we have inverter and cordless with backup facility that is different issue.
    Living Room point is connected to ADSL splitter which is connected to modem and cordless. The cordless has 2-3 handsets.

    We shifted in 2009 and all connections working fine since then. But during the past few months I observed that the bedroom point telephone line is dead, i.e the telephone connected to the line is not ringing. When i opened the point I found it had some slight green oily attachment. I cleaned it and again installed the setup still the bedroom point of telephone refused to work. When the same telephone with same cable was connected to living room point it worked. I tried many experiments to identify the problem but could not identify the problem.

    I also tried extracting the point wires and connecting it directly to the bedroom telephone still it did not work. Also i could not understand the technical connections as it had 4 wires and connected somewhat mixed, I can post photos if required. Might be builder had given some backup. Downstairs also for our flat two pair of telephone wires are there and only one pair is connected to the bsnl line the other pair is free since begining. I have a voltmeter when I checked found that both living room point and bedroom point have the voltage coming in them some 4.5 volts. But only living room point works and bedroom point doesnt work.

    Since this was not an issue and we had power backups cordless is used for telephone purposes. But from past few days DSL is unstable. I checked all connections but still not able to identify the issue.

    The BSNL Linemen jsut come with a telephone and dont have any instruments to check the issue, hence I want to make sure that all internal wirings are working well before calling the BSNL for outside line issues. As I work in technical institute I plan to get a colleagues help. But can you tell some instruments which can be used to check the line status and identify why the bedroom point is not working. I feel the unstable adsl might be related to the disfunct bedroom point. I myself am a DIY enthusiast but as I am non technical person not able to identify exactly where the issue is. I have done all trail error methods to check the telephone and all seems fine.

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    All you need to do is pull out all the old cables and get new ones fixed in their place. Get it done by a good electrician and at joints make sure to put some Vaseline to prevent corrosion (the green stuff you mentioned).

    It would work out a lot cheaper, easier and quicker to simply change all the cables instead of trying to pin point one bad joint.

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