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Laptop connects to BSNL wireless Modem but no internet connectivity

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    Question Laptop connects to BSNL wireless Modem but no internet connectivity

    Dear Friends,
    I need your suggestion to solve the problem of my new laptop connecting to the modem (SSID) through WiFi but not to internet. It shows the message 'No internet Access". Here are the details.

    I have been using BSNL Teracom DSL Type-2 modem with WiFi for the past 4 years without any issue. My Asus laptop and iPad connect very well through Wifi and also my PC connects well through LAN cable.

    I have my new office laptop DELL Latitude E6440 which connects to my BSNL modem. However it gives the message "No internet access". There is an yellow exclamation mark on Wifi icon in the bottom windows tray.

    Sometimes the laptop does indeed connect to Internet. When it connects everything works very well. However most of the occasions it gives the message "No Internet Access". I face the same issue with Portronics pandora (EZcast dingle connected to TV).

    I use WPA2 - personal with AES-CCMP encryption along with a 20 digit password.

    Can you please suggest the appropriate solution?

    Thanks and Best Regards,

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    Dear Friends,
    The phenomenon is quite random. Sometimes it connects and sometimes it doesn't. I have not found out the root cause yet. Luckily whenever I needed the connectivity most it has worked.

    The problem seems to be a combination of Windows 7/8, firewall settings, laptop response time, modem respinse time etc. Whenever there is the message "No internet access" the assigned IP address is 169.254.x.x.

    Some useful links I found in this regard are:

    No Internet Access, IP=169.254.*, Fixed by setting Network Addresss

    ip address shows on one & 198.154 on another

    Until I find a better solution I will either depend on this random connectivity or try using a static IP.

    Best Regards,

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