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BSNL Frequent Disconnection

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    Question BSNL Frequent Disconnection

    Hello everyone iam using BSNL 845 plan

    and my router is TPLINK TD-w8968

    My internet has been disconnecting frequently

    i changed modulation to G.DMT and still doesn't fix

    i complained to BSNL, Lineman came to my house and said that i had 3connections in the house and removed 2 and said that this will fix the problem and it didn't

    is my line problem or my modem problem(i read that many BSNL users are having same problem like me with this modem )

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    Line can be a big issue. Most of these BSNL copper lines are age old and deteriorating. Do you have a Voice/data splitter at the entry point? If not, that will also result in frequent disconnects.
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    Default FRequent disconnection BSNL Braodband


    I had the same problem with BSNL Broadband, registered a complaint at 198 from the BSNL phone. They came n checked n it was because the copper wire got oxidised n had become green. we changed the wire which connected the modem to router and we dont ahve that problem anymore.

    However i most cases you need to check signal to noise ratio and also line attenuation rate as well. Login to your router page and you will see SNR Margin, Line attenuation rate etc. Check all that.

    SNR DOwnstream value should be greater than 13db and line attenuation rate downstream should be less than 45db. There are various other parameters to be checked as well.

    Kindly visit this link provided by BSNL of punjab division.

    Hope that helps.


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