I am using 'D-Link DSL-2730U Wireless N 150 ADSL2+ 4-Port Router' on BSNL broadband.
BB Plan- 999ULD
speed- upto 4mbps upto 8gb further 512kbps.
I am using splitter at my home for using telephone and internet separately.
I am using this router since a year, for past week I am experiencing sudden internet disconnection in my router.
After 10 - 15 mins of use, internet LED goes off, then DSL LED also goes off.Then after sometime it automatically comes back and internet starts to work for another 10-15 mins.
I tried to reset the router and configure it again, it worked well for a day then again it has started to create problem.
I talked to BSNL guys they dont have a clue.
Please help whether its router prob or Line prob?
My snr and attenuation values are between--
SNR - 30.1 - 20.0
Attenuation - 27.0-18.5Screenshot (152).png

Thanks in advance..