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BSNL Slow speed For 1091 plan

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    Default BSNL Slow speed For 1091 plan

    Hi all,
    I was using BSNl 1091 plan 8mbps for 8 months without any problem.Recently the speed dropped to max 2.5mbps. I had complained many times to bsnl about this.They are saying cable cut and it will take time.If the cable has cut will the broadband work or phone work.?Can any one explain what will happen if the cable has cut.

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    If the cable is cut it wont work.

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    Most probably they are refering to the cable joints. A cable joint may exist anywhere in between your home and Telephone exchange, when i mean anywhere, it could have been on the very underground cable through which you are connected to telephone exchange. So more number of joints meanins more loss on your connection. AS a result speed will get reduced.
    Solution: ask lineman to change cable pair, if they provide yoou some other cable pair you might get a good speed.

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