Hello Everyone,

I am on the plan 'BB - BBG COMBO ULD 699 CS85' which provides 5 GBs FUP with 2 MB speed and post 5 GB FUP - my speed is supposed to come down to 1 MB.

For the past 2 days - since I have utilized my 5 GB for the month, I am getting redirected to this (sick) BSNL page after 3 to 4 mins..

Once I click on the 'DECLINE' option in the above page - it takes right back to the below page.

I tried turning off and on my router to refreshing the BSNL internet connection. It works for sometime and after browsing few pages - I keep coming back to the same step of option to 'DECLINE'.

Anybody has seen this issue and pls let me know if you have any resolution other than calling customer care numbers (1500 or 1800) and you know why.
Pls let me know if you know any fixes that worked for you.