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ADSL & INTERNET link Gone during pickup phone receiver

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    Post ADSL & INTERNET link Gone during pickup phone receiver

    I have a BSNL broadband connection ULD845. Using last more than 6 years. Recently facing a new problem. When I pickup my Phone receiver; ADSL & INTERNET link BREAKS at that time. Sometime it has been observed during pickup phone receiver both ADSL & INTERNET links is stable, but DNS ping breaks & showing REQUEST TIME OUT RTO.

    During pickup receiver in my MODEM daily SNR (Downstream) & SNR (Upstream) VALUE IS FLACTUATING continuously with Line Attenuation (Downstream) & Line Attenuation(Upstream) value & increasing CRC value.

    Find the differentiate Value:

    SNR (Downstream) 5.9 to 7.9 dB normal basis , certainly near about 11 to 23db[Rare time 2.1 to 6]
    SNR (Upstream) certainly near about 12 to 30db
    Line Attenuation (Downstream) 18.2 dB
    Line Attenuation (Upstream) 11.8 dB
    CRC(Downstream) 6567 to 10659
    CRC(Upstream) 20123to 65227
    Power(Upstream) 9.9 dbm

    Also attached screenshot for references.

    I had reported many times to service provider to rectify where is issue. As per them I bring my Modem with Power cord, Splitter, Telephone set, RJ11 Cords to Exchange. But there is no problem found during pickup phone receiver. Also I have change all phone cable, Rojet box ; but SNR value changed on daily basis .

    So please suggest & describe why is vary in the SNR in Downstream value; why not constant.
    So people please help me out off this.............
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