I use BSNL Broadband for gaming (no other option honestly).
And I used to get about 50-90ms ping on most games (CS:GO, Overwatch, WoWC) but about 2 weeks ago the network became incredibly unstable. Ping skyrockets to 400, even 600 on a bad day, 350 on a good one.

So I ran a tracert to a common overwatch server I usually get and these were the results

1 5ms 5ms 5ms
2 27ms 26ms 26ms
3 27ms 26ms 26ms
4 44ms 39ms 55ms
5 40ms 40ms 51ms
6 64ms 62ms 57ms
7 283ms 283ms 290ms
8 311ms 315ms 314ms
9 308ms 308ms 310ms
10 289ms 289ms 289ms
11 0ms 0ms 303ms
12 312ms 308ms 312ms
13 322ms 310ms 323ms
Destination is 13 hops away.

Again on a different server

1 5ms 5ms 5ms
2 0ms 0ms 27ms
3 27ms 27ms 27ms
4 43ms 43ms 42ms
5 68ms 62ms 60ms
6 172ms 179ms 176ms
7 209ms 218ms 209ms
8 195ms 193ms 196ms
10 0ms 214ms 190ms
11 210ms 254ms 290ms
Destination is 11 hops away.

So from what I can understand, the hop from 6: to 7: | 5: to 6: is taking unusually long. From a quick search, both server seems to belong to bharti airtel (not sure why BSNL routes through them).

So what I wanted to ask is:
Is there anything I can do about this? Can I fix it from my end? I'm aware that the route the connection takes isn't affected by my IP and what I can do on my PC since changing IPs didn't help, every time the ping either stayed the same or got worse. Or should I lodge a complaint?