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Airel url entries found in trq069 in my BSNL modem configuration

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    Default Airel url entries found in trq069 in my BSNL modem configuration

    I reset my dlink 2730 U indian model wifi modem with the help of the configurer at BSNL. I was having problem with random off auto reboot of modem. So, i reconfigured after resest. The problem persists still.
    I could access the router page , and i enabled DOS for security purpose. I was checking the other details . In network list, there is a item called tr-069. Here i find an interesting that i had a rms airtel url, using the port 7547, default enabled. I thought and unchecked Eanable trq069. But i could not delete those items inside the router. I heard from friend that no use in forming rule in windows firewall.
    How come , that a dlink router configured has access to a third party thro port 7547. The internet would suddenly would go off, turning red and then rebooting to give connection. Is this anything to do with the connection. I also wish to mention that when modem is not connected with the computer, the internet connection never goes off.
    Would anybody give a solution to how to block this port in router in my model. or is it a bsnl service with airtel? if the solution could be given immediately , well and good. I think i have given all the materials for you to give quick solution.
    If the trq69 is dlink, then i may thing that my hardware provider has connection to auto update firmware? Airtel , i never use . pl
    What has Airtel has to do with bsnl modem.
    If suppose it is a third party router peeping, then i do not know, how many users would have been affected. Recently i read about port 7547 vulnerability in major
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