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Help for connecting two different floor wireless

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    My house is in two different floor. I am having UL 900 BSNL broadband connection on one floor, using ADSL router WA1003A. working fine wireless. I want to use same connection - wireless on another floor. Becuase of obstruction from one floor to another floor single not reaching.
    How can i use same connection on two different floor wireless.
    If i add another ADSL router on second floor & connect same with main ADSL router with Ethernet cable is it going to serve purpose. (So from second ADSL router i get wireless signle on another floor.)

    Or is their any better solution.

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    Here are some options you could try (cheapest first):

    a) If your two flats are on the same wing (second exactly on top of other, separated by one floor), then you could install the wireless connection near a window and hope to get the connection on the window on the falt above (this is at best a very weak solution)

    b) You could run an ethernet (RJ45) cable from one flat to another; again assuming that both flats are on the same wing. You can add another router in the other flat but it will need to be on a different IP address, For example, if your main router's ip address is, the second one should be

    c) The best solution is a Range Expander. You can buy a good quality Wireless Range Expander (e.g. Linksys). You may still get a rather weak signal (at best 2 bars out of five) but there are no messy long wires, etc.
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    well range expanders reduce the speed by half!!if its only for internet connection sharing then range expander is a good choice!
    but if u want to transfer files between computers etc, i suggest u buy another wireless acesspoint,run an ethernet cable from your router on the ground floor to the access point on the second floor & give the access point & router the same wifi name,but give the router an ip address of & the accesspoint an ipaddress!!

    your done!!now u can roam around your house & between floors with your laptop!

    for more info how to set it up google for 'wifi roaming'

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