Hi, i onwn dlink router which is having some default settings. Normally, the router is configured to get internet connection and all other settings are default of the manufacurer. Now please tell me, that who is giving the external ip for me for each log on . I think that it is the service provider from his server. But is it different and auto generated? I ask this query because, my ddns page in the router has some dlink sites , which is automatically enabled by default. Is the external ip given by dlink , then? who gives me? I just use customer support for any dlink router problems .
But should i make any change in the ddns to obtain ddns from bsnl? if the interface is pppoe, normal telephone wire data cable connections.
Why even if i disable the dlink ddns , it automatically gets enabled when trouble shooting the connection.
Will i get external ip from my ISP bsnl? please detailed reply from experts