This is really driving me crazy . I am on a combo 675 plan that used to provide a FUP of 2mbps till 10gb and 1mbps beyond . i was getting a stable connection with very low disconnections and the speed was great too ( 1.8mbps to 2mbps) . The SNR margins were good as well (20+)
Now since BSNL decided to increase the FUP to 10mbps till 10 gb and 2mbps beyond everything went crazy ( thats what i think is the problem). I am hardly connected to the internet and snr margins are the worst (2 to 5, sometimes even 0) . Even if sometimes i get connected to the internet the speed is really really low ( 0.6 mbps to 1.0mbps instead of the promised 10mbps or 2mbps). MY observations since then:
1. The router doesn't connect if i set the modulation yo G.dmt only . it gets stuck in handshaking and never connects.
2. It only gets connected in ADSL2 or ADSL2+ mode.
3. SNR margins are very low in these two modes (2 to 5 , sometimes even zero ) and speed is very low as i said above.

i tried to contact bsnl support and my problem isnt getting fixed since 15 days . Please help me to rectify this and correct me i i am wrong anywhere.. thanks in advance
Router : Dlink DSL-2750U
Distance from exchange : 3.5km