To those who are using:

a) UT Starcom Modem/Router UT-300R2U
b) Genuine Windows XP
c) Automatic Updates from Microsoft

The Windows update will find that you have installed the UT-300R2U driver. It will wrongly interprete it as TI (Texas Instruments) Modem Driver and will suggest to upgrade it with the latest driver.

Please do not do this.

This will cause Windows not to recognize the modem/router anymore. The device manage will show a yellow exclamation mark against it. The description will no longer read as "ADSL-2050" but as "TI Modem ...". I faced this problem and for a day was lost on what was going wrong.

I could not re-install the driver again and neither could uninstall the new driver. Finally I had to use 'System Restore' to get back to the original state.