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very good program for detailed dataone usage

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    Default very good program for detailed dataone usage

    i found a very good tool for finding detailed bandwidth usage though it uses more RAM(40 mb on my 640mb RAM P4).what made this different from others is that it can generate reports for the time periods you specified on demand say from 10:14:10AM to 11:20:00AM along with all the websites/host & services(http,microsoft-ds etc).you just let it run in system is a bit difficult to understand but once you get it it is really superb especially for daytime usually crashes when i am using uTorrent during night free so i use tautologyBM at that have to install the free program & a free plugin to get detailed is 4.45mb in size & plugin is 768kb both free. here is a screenshot---
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    This looks like a little more detailed as compared to what i had been using. At present i had been using Netmeter which is a really good program to see your bandwith usage but i would like to try this one too.

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