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Upgraded to 8 mbps but link not stable now.

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    Question Upgraded to 8 mbps but link not stable now.

    Hello. I upgraded my DataOne Home 500 plan to Business 2000 plan with 8 mbps and it is really that much fast, rather it connects at 10 mbps down and 1 mbps up.

    I am getting full speed on both but now link is not stable.

    Exchange where DSLAM is some 2 kms away from my home and MT882 is my modem.

    SNR for downstream is now 8-9 and for upstream it is 6-7. For old Home 500 2 mbps plan it used to be 33.5 for downstream and 19.9 for upstream and that link was fully stable. Attenuation is same as before at 41.5 for downstream and 21 for upstream.

    I tried both D.GMT and ADSL2+ mode but almost same result. For the first hour, it disconnects ever 2-3 minutes, then it becomes a bit stable and disconnects every 15-20 minutes. Disconnection is usually when I am downloading or browsing lots of sites. When net is just ideally connected without use, it remains mostly stable.

    Line has no noise or joints and 2mbps used to work perfect on same line without any physical changes.

    Any solutions to improve SNR and link stability? Local BSNL peoples here are not that much aware even about this SNR thing and I doubt that low SNR is culprit here. Or anything else ?

    Any modem that can stay stable on such low SNR?

    Please suggest. I see that there are lots of tech. peoples here.


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    i am not sure but someone here once said that to get 8mbps your phone line should be changed as existing normal phone lines do not support such speeds.also do get such high speeds your SNR values must be greater than 10 as they were for your old plan.
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    The Thing Is Even My Broadband Links Is Not Stable.............and There Is Dissconn N Reconn Happening V Often..............i Complained About It To The Bsnl Technicians N Now The Problem Has Stopped............

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    go to ur exchange and tell them to check ur link from their office. there will be a MDF room where this is checked. may be this may solve ur problem as incorrect jumpering of ur line may persist u this problem

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