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Help with settings for ADSL pppoe

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    Default Help with settings for ADSL pppoe

    I need the address of some DNS servers in order to be able to get online, and was told that the DNS IP address is provided in my "BSNL Broadband instruction manual". But I never received such a manual, and there is no one to ask by phone in their office. I know the IP address for the ethernet card is to be set as a fixed IP address of And the default gateway address is to be set as But what is the DNS server address? I know it will be of type "nameserver61.1.96.71". But I do not know what the actual address is, and do not have the manual. Can someone kindly tell me? Many thanks.

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    First, what is your modem make and model number?

    Second, you should never set your ethernet card ip address to because that is reserved for the modem's USB LAN port. Please set your LAN card IP address and DNS to automatic. The modem/router's DHCP service will give your LAN card these addresses automatically.

    Third, you need not set any DNS settings in the modem. But if you wish you can set it to OpenDNS (do wikipedia search for these).

    Please read some of the guides in this forum and that should be quite a lot for you to get started.
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    you can try ysing opendns servers as just4kix said .. go to your modem's configuration page( username and pasword is admin).. then look for DNS option.. there manually type the following 2 ips - and .. save and reboot.. and you have your DNS configured!!

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