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media disconnected

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    Default media disconnected


    from past few days i was not able to connect to internet, network driver was corrupted and IP was not assigned to computer,

    by going thru other forums somehow i corrected(i reinstalled network drivers, refreshed winsock, started WZC service, disabled anti virus), but now the problem is i am able to connect to the internet thru wireless, when i check ipconfig from command prompt i get Ip details of wireless, but the local area network IP is not displayed, it says media state ....... media disconnected..

    can anybody please tell what the problem is why i am getting
    media state as media disconnected...

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    Are you also connected by Ethernet LAN (RJ45) cable? If yes, your network drivers are not yet corrected.

    Open the device manager and check for yellow '?' sign against the network adapters. Other than that, check for faulty RJ45 cable. It is also possible that the LAN port is faulty.
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    I am connected thru wireless,
    i have not connected thru ethernet

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