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About Port Binding

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    Default About Port Binding

    Hey people I want to know how port binding is done. Is it done with modem and the userid or phone line and the user id and please also tell me in detail how it is done. Since when was it done on the BSNL Broadbands?

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    Port Binding:
    In port binding the User ID and Password are binded to the phone line with which it is initially used (After few uses). Thus, no one can use ur ID and Password from anywhere (excep ur line) once it is binded.

    Don't use any new ID or Password with ur phone or else it will not work with the original user since it will bind to ur line.

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    By the way port binding is not the one the customers can do it but the isp's has to do it and it is also not available in all exchanges but only select cities have the port binding facilitity and among them only select exchanges have them.

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    Default port winding

    no one can use other username /password on another bb connection since all city p3 multiplay system working which has feature to wind username for particular phone line if u trie your frnd username it show 691 error no ( username is invalid on domain server) except p only in p2 system . if u have number of working user name it has no meaning unless u hack same telephone line


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