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what broadband connection to take?

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    Default what broadband connection to take?

    Hi, I will be visiting Mangalore, Karnataka, India in April. I need to work from home using the internet and the VOIP. Please tell me the best boadband connection in Mangalore and also wireless connection if I can get that from any service povider. Alos, how many days the service providers take to give connection. Thanks in advance.

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    there are two options for you, whether you wanna go cheap or premium

    option 1:cheap(government ISP)
    there is one main ISP i.e. BSNL or MTNL whichever is applicable over your place of visit i.e.Mangalore i dont know which one of these ISP are there.
    regarding this ISP it is run by government so getting connection will take time unless there is a landline there where you are about to stay( it will take less time) and if you want an unlimited scheme they offer at really cheap prices and they are the only ones who are offering speeds upto 8 Mbps but i think its only on the paper not in real!

    option 2: premium(private ISP's)
    there are number of private ISP's but in my opinion ISP named Airtel is the best among all. There is no problem of getting connection it will take only a day. As the name suggests they are private firms so they will not be cheap,they are somewhat costly but they offer very good service like setting up your connection,taking bills,infrastructure etc and ofcourse they really offer good speeds,better than BSNL but only if you have the dough, and they offer very good speeds even at peak hours.

    so read carefully and decide yourself

    also wait for other's to suggest


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    If you are ready to shell out a little more Airtel is the best
    reliable and trust worthy. The problem they do not cover all the areas in a city and have limited ports.

    I have used BSNL also which is good in terms of speed and value for money but when it comes to servicing a problem , they forgot to employ people for that department so there is no service word in their dictionary.

    If you dont have Airtel in your area go for BSNL

    There are some private ISP like TATA, Sify and Relience who do not give good service nor provide good speed, better stay away from them

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