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Online after three days, was BSNL down?

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    Red face Online after three days, was BSNL down?

    (A) Hi, I have finally been able to get online now on Monday the 24th; the last time I surfed the net was on Friday, after that, on Saturday and Sunday, the connection was down; I was not able to download anything on Saturday, Sunday, and Monday morning (I have the 500 rs connection). Did anyone else face this problem? I live in Gandhinagar, Gujarat. Was the internet down all over the BSNL network or what? Today when I went to the BSNL office, the guy there gave me a number, the IP address or something, and he said that it has changed, that is why I cannot connect. I changed the IP number (the number he gave was, and now I am finally online. Doesn't BSNL inform people when they change these numbers?

    (B) And what are these numbers? IP address is your identification, but what is subnet mask, and default gateway and dns servers?

    (C) The strange thing is that these three days, no website would open, Utorrent didn't download anything, but when I started Limewire, which has somehow never worked on my computer, it started, and worked fully while everything else was down. How can you explain one software connecting to the internet while nothing else works? And yes, the site number which takes you to the modem settings, where you change your BSNL password, was working perfectly, that was the only page that would open.

    (D) I download about 1 GB to 1.5 GB every morning; for three days I have not been able to download anything. Is BSNL purposely doing this to restrict my downloads? Is there any rule that says that you can download only thirty or forty GBs every month?
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    its mostly a DNS problem.. the guy gave you a new DNS ip. of bsnl ofcourse.. bsnl DNS servers aint that great from my experience.. it was very slow and down most of the time.. atleast few years back.. i have been using opendns since years now.. they are fast and more secure.. always UP no downtimes..You could use opendns by changing that 218.x.x. ip given by that bsnl guy to and

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    yes!bsnl has just closed down some of its old dns if you were using those dns servers you won't be able to surf the web.
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    They are purposely doing..! Always internet down.For me also the same problem. I asked the bsnl oldmen, they said there is some problem in the network and it wont be corrected soon.! They dont know wen it be all right.! Is this the way an ISP answers to their customers? I didnt like that.!


    tired of calling bsnl office ...

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    Use Open DNS or Google DNS servers as the secondary DNS server. So even if the BSNLs server(Primary) goes down for some reason then the secondary one can do the work.

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    some of the old BSNL dns servers definitely aren't working.

    btw what effect on ping times does changing dns server have ?

    I usually barely see a +/- 15ms difference when switching to opendns or google dns.

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